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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys. Learn more More Like This. The adventures of the greatest of the female superheroes.

Adventures of Superman — The Man of Steel fights crime with help from his friends at the Daily Planet. I Dream of Jeannie — The Addams Family — The misadventures of a blissfully macabre but extremely loving family.

Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Commissioner Gordon episodes, Stafford Repp Chief O'Hara episodes, Madge Blake Batman comes to life tonight!

Watch master criminals like The Riddler try to outwit those legendary crime fighters Batman and Robin in TWO spine-tingling episodes each week!

Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Prior to his being cast for the show, Alan Napier had never heard of Batman and didn't know who the character was.

As such, Napier was highly reticent to the idea of playing Alfred in a television series that sounded ridiculous. However, when his agent mentioned the role could pay over one hundred thousand dollars, Napier immediately changed his mind and accepted the role.

Goofs Gotham City is supposed to be its own fictional city. But often in rear-projected Batmobile footage, Jack Dempsey's Restaurant, a popular New York landmark of the day, can be seen.

Quotes [ repeated line ] Batman: Although Bruce knew he could never replace Dick's father, he adopted Grayson as his legal ward to help him and provide guidance where he didn't have any when he was that age.

Batman had realized for the first time that he did not have to be alone in his crusade. Before he could go into action regularly, Robin had to pass a final exam and he proved himself by taking down the gangster Joe Minette.

Dick's first solo mission was stopping Mad Hatter in a sex trafficking ring while Bruce was indisposed. A double-gallows trap caused Robin to inadvertently cause the death of an innocent man, after which Two-Face beat him within an inch of his life using a baseball bat and made Batman watch.

Robin began teaming up with other young heroes and sidekicks, starting with a fight against Mr. Twister where he worked alongside Aqualad and Kid Flash.

This group decided to call themselves the Teen Titans and would go on to a long career with Robin as one of their core members.

When Bruce was invited to the Million Dollar Masquerade Ball, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara crashed the party in a female version of Batman's costume to surprise her father, who was also attending the event.

At the party, before she revealed herself to Gordon, Killer Moth and his henchmen crashed the party, gunning for Bruce Wayne.

James Gordon was taken out quickly so Barbara decided to step in. Bruce Wayne was previously shoved out of the way by Barbara so that she could protect him and her unconscious adoptive father, thinking that Bruce was but a helpless bystander.

She defeated Killer Moth, breaking a heel in the process. She was later named Batgirl by Killer Moth, which stuck, even though she stated that she would have preferred Batwoman.

Batgirl's first encounter with Batman and Robin proved to be unpleasant. While she was angry with Batman's automatic dismissal of her capabilities, she was repulsed by Robin having a romantic interest in her.

Soon after that, Batgirl attempted to swing from rooftops, being saved by Robin, who told her that regular rope is not good for diving from forty feet in the air.

Later, Robin sent Batgirl equipment, pretending that he believed in her and Batman didn't. In reality, Robin was sending them on the orders of Batman.

She was later captured by Batman and Robin to be tested, an examination she failed in Batman's eyes, not being able to save the innocents in a holographic containment chamber.

Batgirl later teamed up with Black Canary , her idol, and she finally gained some respect from Batman, while Robin still harbored a crush on her.

Batgirl's career came to an end after a few years, when the Joker shot and crippled her in an attempt to drive Commissioner Gordon insane.

Although Batman eventually rescued Gordon and stopped the Joker, Barbara could never walk again. Realizing that Ra's was behind this as a personal test, Batman confronted him and fought his bodyguard Ubu.

Ra's explained that he was making sure he had found a worthy successor in the detective, as Talia had fallen in love with him. Batman quit the League when they refused to help him rescue Lucius Fox from Baron Bedlam in Markovia for political reasons.

Determining that he needed a new team more concerned with justice than the way they were viewed by the world, he created the Outsiders as a black ops super-team to go where the League couldn't.

Legends saw a new group of heroes form to fight against G. Gordon Godfrey after Justice League Detroit was disbanded, and they decided to form a new League together.

When Dick Grayson reached maturity, Bruce forced him to retire from the Robin persona. Shortly after this decision, Batman came across a young boy called Jason Todd , who had turned to crime out of necessity.

Investigating Jason's background, Batman learned that the boy was an orphan. When Batman checked upon Jason, he realized the truth about the school and stopped the criminals with help from Jason, after which Batman took him under his wing and allowed him to become his new Robin.

Over time, Batman realized Jason was behaving more aggressive towards criminals and this violence wound up being the cause of the death of a criminal.

Batman learned that Jason was looking for his real mother and when their missions crossed, they worked together to foil Joker's plans.

Although they couldn't capture the Joker, Jason was reunited with his mother, Sheila Haywood. Unfortunately, she was being blackmailed by the Joker and the Dynamic Duo had to separate to deal with a double threat by the madman.

While Batman went on to stop a deadly cargo of Joker Venom , Robin tried to save his mother, but he was captured and beaten by the Joker.

By the time Batman arrived at the crime scene, the warehouse where Jason and his mother were locked exploded and Batman couldn't save either of them.

After dealing with the funeral arrangements for them, Bruce returned to Gotham, where he tracked down the Joker to the United Nations Building and learned the madman had become an Ambassador, which granted him diplomatic immunity.

Despite this, Batman continued his investigation and he confirmed Joker's involvement in Jason's death. Finally, when the Joker attempted to murder the people at the UN Building, he was stopped by Batman and Superman, but on his escape attempt, he fell to his apparent demise, but his body was not found.

After the death of Jason, Batman mourned his loss and became a loner for quite a while; stopping threats like the alien invasion , Mr.

Freeze, [99] the League of Assassins, [] the Bonecrusher , [5] Two-Face, [] and solving other minor cases. Following the death of Jason Todd, Batman became much more violent and aggressive while coping with the tragedy without someone to balance him out.

A young man named Tim Drake figured out his secret identity using detective work, and determined that he needed a Robin to keep his darkness in check, just as Two-Face reappeared with new plans to kill the Dark Knight.

Begrudgingly, as he proved himself and helped them defeat Two-Face, Bruce agreed to start training Tim Drake and take him on as his new crime-fighting partner.

Batman at the onset of a personal psychological mid-life crisis was forced to deal, in rapid succession, with the returning villain Black Mask and his gang who targeted Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox , [] [] a crazed killer called Metalhead , [] , and a sharpshooter assassin hired by Vincent Morelli to murder Commissioner Gordon.

He found himself unable to meditate or even focus. As Bruce Wayne, he contacted holistic therapist Shondra Kinsolving for treatment. He also assigned Tim Drake to train Jean-Paul Valley in detective work to aid them as an ally, hoping he could prevent him from becoming a villainous threat.

Kinsolving, Bruce refused to rest, and continued to pursue his self-imposed duty despite his worsening condition. Bruce's condition was worsened by The General usurping power in Gotham's underworld and assaulting a police station, [] [] [] Cypher attacking companies' CEOs [] [] and The Riddler creating chaos in Gotham.

Bane , a brilliant tactical mastermind who had trained his body to physical perfection, came to Gotham City and dedicated himself to destroying Batman and taking over his territory.

This villain was more driven and powerful than anyone he had ever faced before, and wanted to prove himself by defeating and breaking Batman.

At their first meeting, Bane did not introduce himself but said that his name would eventually make him beg for mercy. Batman suggested that if he was threatening him, he should get in line behind everyone else.

After saving the Mayor, Batman was confronted by Trogg, Zombie and Bird and he took them out with the last amount of energy left in him.

With Batman incapacitated, Bane assumed control of Gotham City's underworld and took over several illegal operations within it. After his defeat, Batman was rescued and his injuries were treated in the Batcave.

Shondra Kinsolving to tend Bruce's injuries, telling her that they happened in a car crash. Around this time, Bruce started to develop feelings for Shondra and considered revealing his secret to her.

Bruce investigated the evidence left behind by the kidnappers and with Oracle's help, he tracked them to the island of Santa Prisca.

It was then that Bruce and Alfred started their quest to find Dr. Bruce managed to rescue Jack Drake, but learned that Shondra was somehow involved in the murder of an entire village and he swore to bring her to justice.

When his efforts to locate Shondra proved futile, Bruce dug into her past and managed to locate Shondra's foster mother, who revealed much about her past, before she was killed similarly to the people of the village.

Despite this, Bruce was compelled to track down Asp and Shondra, which caused Alfred's resignation due to Bruce's recklessness.

Confused and still under the effects of drugs, Kinsolving tried to heal her brother, but instead she killed him. Filled with regret, Shondra used her powers to completely heal Bruce from his broken back.

Unfortunately, the experience was too much for her mind and her psyche returned to that of a child permanently.

Bruce Wayne bought a big residence, where Kinsolving could spend the rest of her days under the best medical care. Finally back in Gotham, Bruce learned of the disastrous effects of Jean-Paul's actions as Batman and he decided to reclaim the mantle of the Bat.

However, Bruce's physical condition was deteriorated after months of inactivity and he decided to start an intensive training to confront Jean-Paul and take back the mantle of Batman.

In order to regain his lost skills, Bruce sought help from the only master fighter he trusted: After weeks of rigorous training, Shiva wanted Bruce to learn a dealy technique, but when he refused, set a plan in motion in which Bruce would fight the Disciples of the Armless Master , who was murdered by Shiva as she wore the Mask of Tengu.

Shiva then gave the mask to Bruce in order to lure the Disciples to him. Bruce confronted the first two Disciples and although they proved to be a great challenge, Bruce managed to defeat them, regaining some of his lost skills.

However, he knew that it was not enough and he continued Shiva's trials. On the final confrontation, Bruce realized that Shiva wouldn't stop sending fighters his way to challenge him unless he used the deadly technique she taught him.

Knowing that he was finally ready, Bruce dons the Batsuit, marking the return of the real Batman. Bruce avoided the explosion in the last minute and after talking to Robin, he went to Wayne Manor to challenge Jean-Paul for the last time.

Bruce managed to avoid violence and eventually forced Jean-Paul to remove his armor and admit his defeat.

Bruce showed mercy at the end and allowed Jean-Paul to leave and start a new life while he continued with his own. The Timestream was damaged by Extant and Parallax working together, causing time to deteriorate and reality to break down throughout history during the Zero Hour crisis.

Bruce reaffirmed his partnership with Tim, resolving the tension caused by Bruce's unwillingness to accept help during the Arkham prison break.

Bruce passed the mantle of Batman to Dick Grayson so he could re-evaluate what it would take to restore his perceived aura of invincibility. Because of previous events, considerable time passed before Commissioner Gordon restored his trust in the idea of a Batman working for good.

Gordon could tell that he was not looking at the original Batman based on Jean-Paul's costume and Dick's height, and the fact that Jean-Paul was more than ready to kill people , and he refused to place blind trust in a costume after spending so long learning to trust the man.

Numerous loose ends were tied up during this time, with Killer Croc, the Ventriloquist, Ratcatcher and Two-Face, along with many other, less notorious released inmates being returned to prison.

During his time as Batman, Dick avenged his worst mistake from his days as Robin, when a mistake in a confrontation with Two-Face caused a man to die and nearly killed Bruce.

He also came to appreciate the incredible physical and mental burden Bruce placed on himself in donning the Batsuit.

During this time, a firm bond arose between Dick and Tim as they shared Wayne Manor together in Bruce and Alfred's absence.

When Bruce finally returned for good, he wore a sturdier made of Kevlar , darker Batsuit and drove a new, state-of-the-art Batmobile.

Batman made changes to his life as Bruce Wayne, his relationships with his ' family ', planned to live without Alfred, and coped with the decision of making Jean-Paul his replacement.

Shortly after Batman's comeback, Azrael sent him a video tape showing the effects of a deadly and highly contagious virus named Ebola Gulf-A.

The virus spread too fast among the citizens of Gotham and it was impossible for Batman and his allies to find a cure or develop a serum from the survivors' blood.

The "clench", as the virus was known, decimated the population of Gotham and even Tim Drake was infected. The city was quarantined and the national guard was sent to control all of Gotham's access.

It was later revealed that the Order of St. Dumas was responsible for creating the virus and for setting it free into the world. Dumas that contained the recipe to create a cure for the virus.

Azrael delivered the cure to Gotham and the city was saved. The virus was under control, or at least it seemed that way. The Ebola Gulf-A virus was not completely cured from those who were infected; it mutated into something more deadly.

Batman sought Azrael's help on where to search for further information on the virus in order to develop a true cure. Batman's investigations lead him to Sudan where he had to face two of his deadliest enemies.

Ra's al Ghul joined forces with Bane in order to spread a new strain of the virus taken from the Wheel of Plagues. Once in Gotham, Batman and Bane faced each other in a long awaited rematch, but this time Batman defeated Bane and saved Gotham from the menace of Ra's' new virus.

With Oracle 's help, Batman managed to find a cure, although a great number of citizens had died from the mutated virus.

Bane appeared some time later with a new threat to Gotham: Although the team were nearly overpowered by the Clan, Batman was able to outmanoeuvre the clan and expose their true identity as the White Martians , and the League stopped them from taking over the planet.

Gotham City was completely destroyed by an earthquake that reached magnitude of 7. Batman was trapped inside of his cave at the time and was nearly killed by falling rocks.

After the situation was stabilized, the body count had reached over one hundred thousand people. There were mass graves dug to burn the corpses and prevent spread of disease.

Bruce Wayne was called upon as Gotham's top citizen to speak on their behalf in front of the United States Congress in Washington , applying for federal assistance.

His main competition was the ruthless and corrupt Senator Barclay Means. Nicholas Scratch also launched a smear campaign, attempting to convince America that the city wasn't worth saving.

There was not enough money in the federal budget, and they arrived at the conclusion that the negative elements would have to be isolated.

Right before the ending of the trial, Mayor Grange was gunned down by an assassin. Everyone still living within city limits was given 48 hours to leave, excluding anyone with known connections to the criminal element.

After that the bridges leading inside were destroyed, and the national guard was stationed to make sure that no one else got in or got out.

In response, the U. S government declared Gotham a "no man's land," destroyed all bridges leading to Gotham and forbade people from entering or exiting.

The city was swiftly carved up by gangs and various supervillains Batman had battled over the years.

Jim Gordon and several members of the Gotham police department stayed behind to protect civilians. Oracle and Huntress also ended up on the inside.

Bruce Wayne left the city to lobby the government not to cut Gotham off, but failed. Gordon and his men waited for Batman's return, but by the time he returned more than three months later, they believed he had abandoned Gotham.

Huntress attempted to keep order, fashioning a Batgirl costume. She soon discovered that criminals feared her more as Batgirl than they did Huntress and succeeded in holding territory of her own.

When Batman returned, he allowed her to continue to use the costume. However, when she failed to hold off Two-Face and his army of men and lost Batman's territory, she abandoned the costume.

Batman and James Gordon's officers worked separately to reclaim Gotham, piece by piece, by beating and subduing the gang leaders and then marking the reclaimed territory with graffiti.

Poison Ivy took up residence in Robinson Park and Batman allowed her to remain there as long as she cared for the local orphans and distributed food.

Gordon allied with Two-Face, but Two-Face betrayed their alliance. Cassandra later took up the mantle as the third Batgirl to help clean up No Man's Land.

Later, Two-Face kidnapped Gordon and put him on trial for breaking the alliance. Dent's questioning concluded that Two-Face had essentially blackmailed Gordon into the alliance, hence making any alliance between them void.

However, Luthor's covert plan was to take the deeds and much of the property in Gotham, since the original deeds had been destroyed, and many of the owners had died in the earthquake.

Lucius Fox discovered the original documents and notified Luthor. Luthor then attempted to kill Fox, but Batman intervened and told Luthor that Gotham was not for sale, warning him to leave.

Gordon and his surviving police officers were promoted. The Joker attacked police sergeant William Pettit 's compound, killing Pettit and leaving the Huntress badly injured.

The Joker later kidnapped all of Gotham's babies. When Sarah Essen-Gordon discovered the babies, the Joker murdered her. Batman later convinced a grief-stricken Commissioner Gordon not to kill the Joker, who gloated at Gordon about murdering his wife.

Gordon shot Joker through one of his kneecaps instead and let Batman take him away to be incarcerated. Realizing how dangerously wrong things could go if any of his friends were mind controlled or manipulated into doing evil, Batman began to study their weaknesses and develop contingency plans to neutralize them.

Talia al Ghul broke into the Batcave and stole the plans from the Batcomputer. Ra's' plan was an attempt to thin the world's population using a machine that destroyed people's ability to process language worldwide.

Bruce Wayne and his bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux were framed for the murder of Bruce's girlfriend, radio talk show host Vesper Fairchild.

Bruce Wayne realized that he was in the center of a malevolent shadow conspiracy targeting his life one night when his batline was cut in mid-air by a thrown batarang and he barely survived the descent from the rooftops.

At the same time, Batman became romantically involved with the reformed Catwoman after saving her life from Killer Croc.

They shared a passionate kiss together and gave into the feelings they had both been experiencing for years. Batman was able to combat Superman's brute force by using superior tactics and his Green Kryptonite Ring.

Catwoman kidnapped Lois Lane and put her in mortal danger so Superman would be forced to break the hold and rescue her. After they caught Ivy by having Krypto track her down, Clark felt reassured that he had given the one weapon that could hurt him to the right person.

During an excursion to the opera that was interrupted by Harley Quinn staging a robbery, Tommy Elliot appeared to be shot in the heart and killed by the Joker.

He was stopped only by Commissioner Gordon until his senses returned. Bruce took advice from Nightwing that if he was truly going to pursue a meaningful relationship with Selina he would need to open up to her, and to her surprise he made the decision to reveal his secret identity.

Further investigation led him to suspect Ra's al Ghul might have answers about the unseen hand coordinating recent events, so Batman abducted his daughter Talia al Ghul and held her hostage.

Besting Ra's in a sword-fight only allowed him to learn that there had been recent unauthorized access to the Lazarus Pits and the League of Assassins was desperate to kill whoever was responsible.

Catwoman was almost killed by Lady Shiva while trying to stop her from rescuing Talia, meanwhile Batman acknowledged that the love he felt for Selina made it worth being emotionally vulnerable about her.

Consultation with Oracle on surveillance equipment found in the Batcave revealed that he had been betrayed by his former employee, mechanical genius Harold Allnut.

When he set up a meeting with Harold the man broke down in tears over his treachery, because he had been given happiness and expensive surgery that repaired his voice and freakish looks, making him finally normal.

The plan is successful and Batman in the Batwing and Supergirl break into the ship. Upon the Batwing crashing in, Batman is surrounded by dozens of Betas, but Supergirl saves him.

Several tendrils from the ship suddenly capture and subdue the two. Brainiac sends Supergirl off for further study, he deems Batman as unworthy for collection and orders his Betas to dispose of him before leaving.

Fortunately, Superman is revealed to be alive and rescues Batman at the last moment. The duo head further into the ship where they encounter a mind controlled Firestorm and Swamp Thing.

The two heroes manage to defeat them and restore them back to normal. Doctor Fate emerges from the portal, explaining that he is ordered to defeat them since there conflict had caused, so much chaos upon the world.

Either way, the chosen hero beats Doctor Fate and Superman manages to crush the helm with his bare hands. Doctor Fate is suddenly brought back to normal and is finally free from the Lords of Order.

Brainiac manages to beat Batman with ease and faces off against Superman. Superman proceeds to restore the other cities, but soon collapses.

The other heroes arrive and express relief that the damage Brainiac has caused has been undone. Superman then turns his attention to an unconscious Brainiac, intent on killing him.

However, Batman stops him, stating that even if he did want to kill Brainiac, they need him to restore the other cities.

Wonder Woman then states that this is no different than with Joker, they can stop his madness by killing him. Batman suddenly slashes him across the chest with the dagger of Gold Kryptonite he had received earlier.

He warns him that enough exposure will depower him permanently. Superman refuses to stand down and the two friends face each other. Batman tries to stab him several times and succeeds once by slashing him across the wrist.

Superman then rushes towards Batman and manages to make him drop the dagger, which is picked up by Wonder Woman. Now having the advantage, Superman grabs him by the throat, but is rescued by Supergirl and Green Lantern.

As the heroes fight amongst themselves, Batman is attacked by Aquaman, who tries to stab him several times with his trident, but Batman dodges each attack.

Batman manages to defeat him and grabs hold of his trident, in which he stabs him through the leg with, finally subduing Aquaman.

He tries to help Supergirl with Black Adam, but Black Adam simply electrocutes Batman before carrying him out of the ship. Ultimately, Batman manages to defeat Black Adam and he contacts Supergirl.

She tells him that Superman and Wonder Woman are pursuing her, so Batman tells her to lead them to the Batcave. Batman rides the Batmobile to get to the Batcave and puts on an upgraded suit.

Superman chooses to fight Supergirl and Wonder Woman prepares to fight Batman. Batman manages to defeat her, just as Superman had defeated Supergirl.

Carried away, Batman recalls the night when Lois was pregnant. Superman also adds that he knew, even before he said anything. Both agree that was a good distant memory.

Trying one last time to reach out to him, Batman says "I miss the people we were back then. Back to his sense, Batman battles with Superman.

If Batman was chosen at the beginning of the chapter, Batman manages to beat down Superman. Superman tries to get up and continue the assault, but Batman simply pummels the kryptonian to the ground.

Superman tries one last time to get up, but falls onto the floor, unconscious. A fatigued Batman falls to his knees and Supergirl comes to his side.

He informs her that he's just unconscious and that he apologises that he couldn't save him. Later, Superman is taken by Batman to the Fortress of Solitude, weakened by his kryptonite cuffs and soon de-powered permanently when exposed to gold kryptonite.

As Batman opens a portal to the Phantom Zone, Supergirl speaks to her cousin one last time, whom expresses disbelief that she betrayed him, even though they were family.

Supergirl responds that they still are and hopes that he'll see it one day. Superman also vows that he'll return from the Phantom Zone, but Batman responds that they'll be ready.

Just as Superman exchanged one look at them and enters the Phantom Zone, he asks Supergirl she's all right. She responds "No", telling Batman about how Superman made his symbol invoke fear in people.

Batman responds that the meaning of it depends on how the person wearing it acts, adding that when he and Superman formed the Justice League, they simply defended people, not govern them.

He tells her that a new Justice League could be formed and invites her to join, as the two shake hands. If the player is on Superman's side at the beginning of the chapter, Superman defeats Batman.

The latter tries to get up, but Superman simply uses his super breath to keep him down, finally defeating him. Batman tries to reason with him, but Superman remains unconvinced, saying that he won't let Brainiac threaten the Earth again.

Batman then asks if he's next. Lifting him by is throat, Superman tells him that he could've killed him years ago and it would've been so easy.

Batman defiantly tells him to do so, saying "Show me what a villain looks like. Wonder Woman orders him to kill Batman, but he refused knowing that will make Batman a martyr; he has something else in mind.

Superman then kills Brainiac, merges with his ship, restores all of the cities, and assumes control of the world again.

When Supergirl refuses to join Superman, the latter tells her she will either join him willingly or forcefully, as he reveals a mind-controlled roboticized Batman to a horrified Kara.

Superman then asks with his arms crossed "What's it going to be? Despite being one of the few members of the Justice League without any extra-human enhancements, Batman has proven himself to be just as formidable as any super-powered hero against the forces of evil.

Batman's preparedness for just about every situation and predicament is legendary. His strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, willpower and intelligence are as sharp and toned as could possibly be without being considered superhuman.

He is proficient in most known forms of martial arts, and possesses incredible reaction skill and superb intellect and wit. In addition to his high levels of training in combat, Batman employs the use of military-grade technologies and gadgets developed by his family's company that assist him in his war on crime.

Batman is never seen without his famous Utility Belt, which he equips to possess any item needed for any problem that could present itself in the field, primarily in combat and investigation.

It functions as both a disguise and a symbol that strikes fear into his opponents, due to its dark and menacing appearance. Though only a mere mortal when compared to the godlike superhuman beings that litter the Injustice universe, Batman is still one of the most dangerous men alive.

Having honed his body to near perfection, mastered almost every martial arts style known, and trained his mind to solve any problem, Batman is more than capable of holding his own against genuine superhumans and aliens through cunning wit and advanced weaponry.

Batman's costume acts as a durable body armor, while his utility belt hides a plethora of advanced weaponry created by the Dark Knight himself, ranging from his infamous Batarangs, shuriken style throwing bladed weapons in the shape of his trademark bat symbol, and when the Batarang's cutting power isn't enough he can use an explosive variant for added punch, a grappling gun used to pull and propel himself as well as his enemies when used offensively, various type of bombs ranging from smoke to fragment explosives, tasers, and sonic devices used to disable his enemies and summon bats.

Batman is also capable of calling three mechanical bat devices that hover around, the bats serving for offense by launching themselves at his enemies, or defensively, acting as a shield to protect him.

Following the battle to liberate Earth, Batman learned that Luthor had bequeathed his massive fortune to Bruce Wayne.

He now had the means to rebuild Gotham and Metropolis. The cities' residents, inspired by their hero's efforts, adopted the slogan "We Are Batman. The Batman of old would have stubbornly assumed these tasks alone; the post-One Earth Batman, having been rewarded for his trust in others, enjoyed his city's renewal and his role as its benefactor.

Brainiac 's attack left the world devastated. Thousands dead, many more thousands homeless. When President Kane asked that I head up the emergency response, I couldn't refuse.

Together they're molding the youn ger heroes into a force of good unlike any Earth has even seen. But I'm only semi-retired. Behind the scenes I've been preparing for Superman 's return.

Kal swore he'd escape from the Phantom Zone. I'd be foolish not to take him at his word. Batman retains many of his classic characteristics from the comics up until Superman begins his campaign for world order.

Bruce initially believed that Clark could come back from murdering the Joker out of grief and revenge for Lois and his child's death.

When Damian Wayne accidentally killed Dick Grayson out of anger while assisting Superman in moving the prisoners of Arkham Asylum to an unknown facility.

This and their recent differences over Superman's actions prompted Bruce to disown Damian as he had killed his "real" son.

Dick's death had devastated him to the point of self-harm, as Bruce continuously beat a training dummy to the point where his hands began bleeding.

It was only after Selina stopped him that Bruce began to mourn for his first son. No longer willing to trust Clark or any of his followers, Batman began the Insurgency to stop them.

While he was willing to share his identity with them, Bruce's trust in others had been diminished through the other heroes actions, and he continued to keep secrets as to ensure no one would betray him, keeping Martian Manhunter's involvement secret as a way to keep in his plan under wraps.

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Lucky Leprechaun Online Slot - Euro Palace Casino Frequently Asked Questions Q: Retrieved 14 June Batman is often treated as a vigilante by other characters in his stories. Batman later creates the Brother I satellite surveillance system to watch over and, if necessary, kill the other heroes after he remembered. In the end, we went into pure expressionism, taking the Salt Flat Racers of the 30s and the Sting Ray macho machines of the Beste Spielothek in Altasbach finden. Retrieved November 18, Two-Face and the " costumed freaks ". No longer willing to trust Clark or any of his followers, Batman began the Insurgency to stop them. The third story arc was " Batman: The Quest for Peace Superman Returns. Meanwhile, the main world's Batman catches up to his Joker, but the Joker attacks Batman and defeats him. Alyas Batman en Robin.

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So habe mir mal vorgenommen das Casino zu testen. Der deutschsprachige Support ist zwar nicht rund um die Uhr verfügbar, konnte dennoch überzeugen. Und wie funktioniert dieses tolle Angebot? Then, depending on the privacy settings on Facebook, visitors of your Facebook site can see that you recommend OnlineCasino Deutschland. Zumindest kannte ich es bisher noch nicht und bin dort wohl auch noch nicht angemeldet. Generell ist jemand rund um die Uhr da. Es muss niemand lange auf sein gewonnenes Geld warten. Die Online-Welt vom Euro Palace Casino ist hervorragend gelöst, besonders übersichtlich und benutzerfreundlich gestaltet. Und Euro Palace ist keine Ausnahme dafür. Personal data are collected, processed and used to the legally permissible extent in accordance with Art. Das elegante, spielerische und sehr professionelle Europalace Casino ist aus verschiedenen Gründen attraktiv: Sie müssen 18 oder älter sein, um sich zu registrieren. Alle Spiele und Funktionen kannst du gratis. The rights of the Data Subjects In accordance with Art. Kategorien online casino bonus casino online StarGames casino spiele kostenlos. Normalerweise bekommt nur man Bonusgeld, wenn man zuvor verloren hat. Games Casinos Bonuses Softwares. Zum Inhalt springen 4. Konkreter gesagt, sie zeigen die Realität gerne auf sehr unrealistische Art und Weise.

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